Showing a chicken first time- tips?

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    Hi! I live in a small, rural county & on a lark (well after talking to a guy involved with the competition who encouraged me to do so) I decided to enter a chicken into the county fair in a couple weeks. I have a couple of really gorgeous white Ameraucanas but they're also great layers & very cuddly & if anything happened to them I'd be devastated. So I decided to enter one of my pretty Australorp pullets instead. This one has the most wonderful posture/shape & is just a beautiful, healthy chicken & as best as I can tell from reading the list she conforms well to the breed standard.

    I've never taken part in a show as anything but a spectator so I have no clue how to prepare. The one thing that worries me a little is that even though she's friendly & comes running to eat out of my hand and lets me pet her she really does not like to be held. Is that a problem? I'd really appreciate any advice you all have!

    Thanks very much!
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    Jul 14, 2009
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    [​IMG] I also am just a spectator. Your search button in the top right is your friend. When and where is the
    show? I think I would like to go sence I'm so close. Are you a club member and have you been tested yet?
    You say a few weeks, then you better get on it fast. Clean the bird then Keep it clean. Handle, handle the the show bird trim anything that needs triming. Call the club and get your papers ready.
    I have a question, What is about the best age to show a chicken? One year [​IMG]
    I'll be back to see how your doing.

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