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Jun 13, 2009
Dry Ridge, KY
I am wanting to try my hand at showing Bantams. I am thinking Seabights or Silkies. I have no experience and need a good reference. Does anyone know of a good resource for information? Does anyone know of any show stock breeders in OH or KY?


Sonoran Silkies

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Jan 4, 2009
Tempe, Arizona
There are several yahoo groups as well as that are specifically devoted to silkies. Those are good places to get some initial information, which will include breeders near you. I would imagine that there are similar websites/forums devoted to sebrights (no "a" in the spelling). Also try to locate poultry clubs in your area and determine when they have meetings and where and when nearby shows are held. There is nothing like seeing birds in person and talking to breeders for getting a real understanding of the breed and determining whether that is the breed for you.

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