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Aug 8, 2007
Okay some I'm going to show a few birds or maybe just one at my upcomingcounty fair for FFA and Ive never shown before, so does anyone want to share how showing is done? thanks.

I usually show beef cows, and I will be shoing them again, but I have to say showing chickens will be much different!

Also, I don't have any actual "show quality birds". The birds I have to show are ones that I bought at a feedstore, three buff orps & a rir something or other.

Some shows are different from others,

but should I suggest anything (and it was just a few years ago that I was also showing for FFA

Make sure the birds are clean

Make sure their legs are in good shape

Make sure they are clean and clear of all bugs and mites

If you have pair and trio pens match them as closely as possible (size, color, etc)

Try to get them as close to "perfect as possible"

Some shows will ask ?'s about the birds you show so be read up on them (or it may just be here LOL)

Other than that (which I know I am forgeting something here so BYCer's help me out LOL)

My son is going to show for FFA for the first time in July also. Of course the hen he wants to show is broody and we can't seem to break her.

I'm interested to hear what others say to do.
Yeah I really want to know HOW the showing is done... cause I know for cattle you have to lead the steer around, and set up his feet and such... But I'm sure that ain't the way it is for chickens.
What no chicken harness????
My son is totally ADD and has no clue what he is supposed to do. I don't even know the dates and times for sure because it is all being done through his school horticulture/animal science program. He just knows he needs to give them a bath and trim their nails.
The girl he wants to show is a fiesty one so it will be really interesting.
yeah all I know is I needa bathe, check for mites, and clip nails... I'm showing through FFA and I wish i knew what to expect!
The best thing to do is talk to your FFA teacher. They've got the expertise you are looking for and I'm sure different counties do things differently. Where we are from, we are given 30 broilers to cull down to 3 to show.

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