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I just got a few Silkie chicks and my daughter told me last night that she would like to try showing them. I think that it would be fun, and I would enjoy breeding them and working towards really awesome show quality stock, and we have a little experience in breeding for shows because we breed/show mini horses... I know not the same, but we understand about show quality and keeping only the best for breeding stock etc. I just need to know where to start. We got our chicks on 2/15 and they were about 3 or 4 days old. The pictures are ones I took last night. I don't know if it is too soon to really be able to tell about quality, but if anyone who is experienced in showing Silkies could give me their initial impression of these chicks that would be wonderful. I know that if our chicks are even decent we will be lucky, lol.... just thought its worth a shot in the dark






Also, if anyone has any good resources about showing/breeding SQ Silkies, it would be greatly appreciated.
Have you looked at the American Bantam Standard for Silkies? I can get a good feel for the bird when it is born, if it has the correct amount of toes and facing the correct way, blue earlobes, but any more than that, it is a guess until they are around 4-6 months old. Last yr. I picked out the prettiest white silkie to show for a pullet and showed wonderful!! A couple of months later it crowed and it is the prettiest boy ever!! Way to early but this would be a great start to look at the feet first. Good luck
As long as the blue has its 5 toes well spaced it will be a wait and see on how it finishes out, which will be months.

The white has a yellow beak, not a good thing, skin on legs not really strong in color either.

Get some chicks from Amy here on the board, Bobbi, and not sure who else sells stock that young out of good birds here on the board.

My son is interested in possibly showing too - but I have no idea how. If you are going to show a chicken - how do you clean it up before the show and what do you do between shows to keep their feathers and plummage in top form? Is there anything special you need to do for Silkies given their unique fluffy look?

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