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    I am new to showing birds and I wish to show my Sumatra's. I was told that to prepare them for show I should place them in 2ftx2ftx2ft cage to get them use to show. Because of my rooster long tail and the fact they are active birds will I need a bigger cage or will the 2ft one be enough room?
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    Most shows will not give you a larger cage unless you pay an extra fee to get a "double coop" but they can get costly. Most small coop/cages are maybe a little over a foot and the large/med ones are around 16 inches? (I suppose it could vary to where you're showing I suppose ;3 ) and yeah, most roosters do get their tails smooshed but I've never seen it effect the way the bird is judged because it doesn't usually permanently mess up the tail.
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    Willingly pay for a double coop. Some of our LF Rock and Red males are simply too large for a single as well.

    Typical prices? $4-$5 for single $6-$8 for double.

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