Showing waterfowl and pullorum testing in Georgia for show


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I just found out there is a show in Feb. 4 in north Georgia. There is something about a tester going to be at the show ....can I go to the show and take my ducks and have them tested and show? They are from Holdrreads and he has all the testing on his f locks , I don't have any birds outside of his and one set of Geese from Metzger. Or is it too late and I have to do it some other way?
Not saying I know exactly how it works in Georgia - but if you were my state it may not be too late. You'd have to take some action *now*, though. In my state, to get birds tested for a show, you need to have a Certified Poultry Technician do the cloacal swab on the waterfowl. They drop the swab in a tube, band the bird, and mark the tube. The poultry tech will then draw up the paperwork and submit everything to a Diagnostic Lab for testing. Provided that your waterfowl come back free and clean from disease, you would receive clearance papers that you would take with you to the show and provide when you coop-in your birds.

You said they were going to have a tester on site? Hmm. To me that almost sounds as if they are going to have someone there from the Dept. of Agriculture randomly checking the birds. But, I honestly have no idea how the law runs in your state. What poultry club is putting on this event? Do they have a website? They are going to have a deadline on entries. Typically you will need to enter for the show via online or snail-mail. The club will provide the entry form for you, and they will also attach a copy of what health testing requirements are needed prior to the show. You can also find out who they suggest for testing and when you need to have your entries in. I'd give them a call!

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In GA when you get to the show check in. Then you will get in line to have your birds tested by someone from the ag dept. It is very inexpensive. They will give you a certificate that is good for 90 days. Make sure to call in your entries by the deadline.
Ok, never been to a show , other than to walk in and look, and online info seems to be scarce or they assume you know what shows are about. So I can send in entries, show up at the show and they will test my birds and let me show? My birds came from Pullorum free flocks, so unless they picked it up , out of the air or ground...I should be ok.? I'd like to show about 4 ducks and see how it goes, but know little , other than a bit in books...
You got it. That's all there is to it.

There is a show in Clemson, SC that is for Old English Bantams (Jan. 28th). Everyone is invited. Not sure how big it is--it will be our first time there. I am sure it would give you a feel for how a show works.

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