showing you pics of my girls.. mainly one in particular! Evyle


10 Years
Jun 20, 2009
Rigby, Idaho
ok so i have a few chickens mainly RSL, my roos are a polish, 2 pheonix's and 2 silkie roos, and a EE roo lol but i wanted to show off my favorite silkie, Evyle. she is most definatly a silkie, but she is huge! she weighs more than my RSL, and is just as tall!! she doesnt have feathered legs and feet tho. she is just pet quality but i love her the same!! here is Evyle: ( she is one year old!)




I tried to get pics of her next to some RSL so you all could tell how big she is!! i hope she goes broody someday! can you imagine how many eggs i could put under her!! LOL she has yet to lay an egg tho! thanks for lookin!
Wow, you're right that would be one good setter right there! My silkie size hen had 10 large size eggs under her. Yours could set 20 or more!
"Baby got back"!!!
Wow! She really is rather on the large side for a Silkie now, isn't she! I'm with dwegg...I like my girls to be big and fluffy! Thanks for sharing. Nice looking RSL by the way! Looks nearly identical to my Rita.
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