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Hi I am kimberley . I will be showing my standard Crevecoeur black hen in showmanship at the fancyfeathers 4-h club on april 2. I have held and crate trained her for around a month now. I wsa wandering if any body could give me tips on showmanship and some info on creve such as eye, and beak color. also some ways to enhance the birds apearance for show. thanks -kimberley ( i am new to byc)
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showmanship or breed class or both? look in the Standard of Perfection for eye, beak, leg and feather color and ideal body type.

if it's showmanship (as in showing parts of the bird to the judge like wings, both sides of the head, feet and legs, etc.) i could give you plenty of tips on that!
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I will be doing both showmanship and breed class. Thank you for telling me to look in the standard of perfection, i wil do that. yes it would be helpful if you could give me some tips on showmanship for youth. I have never done this before and need some info if you dont mind. Thank you so much - kimberley:)

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