Shredded Paper for Coop bedding?


9 Years
Feb 18, 2010
Edisto Island, SC
I am trying to find an environmentally friendly coop bedding that I could compost easily. Would shredded paper be okay? Some were pecking at it in the morning like they may be trying to eat it so I got them all out. Now I am worrying. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
You can use it. I don't personally like it, it turns into a really nasty form of paper-mache for me, but I know some people like it just fine, so you could certainly try and see what you think. Chickens will peck experimentally at pretty much *any* bedding, so I would not worry unless they are clearly eating a whole bunch of it (to the point of likely impacted crop).

I am not sure if one of my hens ate a ton last night. She has an impacted crop this morning but it may be a coincidence, she just spent one night in the new coop. I massaged the crop and it feels better. Hopefully it was not from the paper!
Thank you for the reply. I just used the paper because I was getting BAGS and bags of shredded paper from work so I figured what the heck. I will look into the rice hulls. Are those similar to buckwheat? Thanks again!
Same here, they made a stinky mess of it in a matter of days

I hate shredded paper for coop bedding. I tried it 1 time and that was enough for me. YUCK!!!!
It's a pain!
I use shredded paper from work quite successfully....I just start out with pine shavings and mix the paper shreds in slowly as time passes. I use the deep litter method, so my paper shreds stay in there all winter until spring. Never had a problem with matting or sticky messes with this method.

Maybe you could still utilize them along with pine bedding? This has cut my bedding costs quite a bit.

If you have no other uses for your shredded paper, it makes great composting material.

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