Shredded printer paper?


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Apr 11, 2009
Key Peninsula, Washington
Has anyone used shredded printer paper for brooder bedding? I have quite a bit at work, but before I do something I will regret I thought I'd ask for any experiences people have had.
I've heard a lot of people on here say it "may be to slick" ... but I don't see why not? Great way to recycle!
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I have, it is just like wood chips, and apparently it is very fun to run around with. Have not have problems with it except it is hard to keep level for the water thingy not to spill.
I heard inkjet was better than laser printer ink. Don't use glossy or colored paper and you should be fine. I used it in the brooder and in the coop and just throw it into the compost when done.

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Two worries here. One it is sharp might cut babies up and two they might get tangled up in it. It is not at all abosbent so you would have a real messs in no time. Better off with tradition wood pellets or shavings.
I have been using a 50-50 mix of shredded office paper (can't beat free) and pine shavings. Seems to be working fine. It extends the life of the wood shavings, and the chickens seem to like playing in it. Mine were about 7 weeks old when I started adding the shredded paper. Until then I used straight pine shavings. They all thought they were getting a treat the first time I added it in, and they ate quite a lot of it, but the novelty quickly wore off, and they leave it alone now. That was almost 3 weeks ago, and they're all still standing, so I suppose eating it didn't harm them. hahaha.
Thank you for your experiences and thoughts on this subject. Our chicks are 5 days old and doing well. although we have pine shavings, I was shredding a document at work a few days ago and saw all that paper waiting to be recycled. Hmmm.... I can't help myself, I love to put things to good use. I might mix it with the shavings to strech it out.

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