Shrink-wrapped chick in incubator for 12 hours *PIC Added*


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I had a chick pip yesterday morning (day 23), and by 9:30 last night was almost completely zipped but just couldn't break out. Another had already pipped, zipped and hatched during this time. DH and I decided to intervene, and I'm glad I did, because she never would have made it out. When I picked the egg up she immedietly started peeping. She was totally cemented in there - the membrane was thick and leathery, and her fluff was stiff. She's been in the incubator now for about 12 hours. She hasn't been able to crawl around, but she's flopped back and forth a bit, laying on her back. One leg is fully extended with toes spread. The other leg is curled up to her belly, similar to her position in the egg. She was preening herself a bit this morning. I noticed her belly is a bit red where the yolk sac was, which I didn't notice on the other chicks (however, they were all laying on their bellies while drying off). She appears to be sticky, which all of my other chicks were (first incubation using an LG still-air= lots of issues). How much longer should I leave her in there? Should I wait until she has a more broad range of movement, or take her out and place her in a separate area of the brooder? I know what I can do for her is limited and nature will take its course, but I want to give her every chance possible. Any advice you can give is welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

ETA: She has moved her curled leg a bit but still isn't stretching it out. Her hock doesn't seem right. She seems to be breathing a bit heavy, like she's hot.

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I've helped a few chicks that made a pip, but never progressed for 24 hours.....And I've been very successful. They do need to just lie in the incubator and rest for at least a full day, then they seem to be normal, and ready to go be with the other chicks.

This chick looks pretty bad. Is this the pic of her just recently? If it is, I think the poor thing looks absolutely miserable.....What an awful pose to be stuck in.......I hate to say this but you may need to cull....It might be merciful.....

Does the chick open it's eyes? Does it react when you hold it? Does it just seem extremely stiffened?

I sure wish I had better advice than culling.....

Thank you both for your responses. I took this pic of her about an hour ago. She has both eyes open, but also naps. She lifts her head up to look around and to preen. She keeps wiggling her way around the incubator, sort of in a circle, because she's on her back. I haven't held her since I removed her from the shell last night. She has been in the incubator for about 15 hours now. I was thinking of placing her in a special brooder by herself to dry off and keep warm. It's quite warm and humid in the incubator, so I'm afraid she won't progress. I will do anything to keep from culling, but I certainly won't let her suffer.
I had one like this, a shrink wrapped silkie (she couldnt get out of her egg because of crooked toes and that she was very big for a silkie) and she stayed in the bator for an extra 12 hours, with a friend, before i could put her in. She still looked sticky when I moved her to the brooder, but she finished fluffing up after about a day.

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