7 Years
Feb 5, 2013
Im in need of some advice. I use a gqf incubator keep it around 55% humidity. And we use our styrofoam still air incubator from orschlens as a hatcher. I get it dialed in at 99 ○ (im not sure if thats right) and humidity 65% I have around 40 eggs at a time the first hatch went well but one was stuck to his shell just a bit on his back we lost 2 out of 45 that just didnt pip at all. The second hatch not so good. Only 21out of 40. Both time when the chicks start hatchi g the humidity soars to like80- 90 % and temp to 102 . the last hatch had alotof problems with shrink wrapping I guess but how are they having problems getting stuck if the humidity is so high? How can I prevent this? And I know the obvious is hatch less eggs at a time

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