Shrinkwrapped chicks (eggtopsy picture)


12 Years
Oct 29, 2011
So out of ten that went into lockdown, I had one hatch, one quitter, and 8 perfectly formed chicks(I eggtopsied them all) that I believe were shrinkwrapped. Here's a pic


I'm guessing that's what you guys call a shrinkwrapped chick, right? I had one of the 8 that pipped thru the inner membrane, and 7 that didn't even pip thru the inner membrane.

So I'm dry incubating at around 20% humidity, and I put them on lockdown a day and a half late, but none had pipped the shell yet. Did they shrinkwrap because of the low humidity throughout? Or was it my late lockdown? Trying to figure out what I did wrong. My lockdown humidity was 70%.

Poor guys, I was really sorta broken up about it, seeing them all perfectly formed, just a little membrane keeping them in...

edit: is the air pocket too big?
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That doesn't look shrink-wrapped to me. The inner membrane that surrounds the chick looks translucent and moist, like it should. I use dry incubation and absolutely love it. Why so many of yours didn't hatch so late, I don't know. It really sucks but it doesn't sound like you did anything wrong. What kind of incubator do you use?
I made my own out of 2" rigid insulation around a cardboard box for support. Water heater thermostat that keeps the temp at 99.5-101.5...forced air with a big computer fan.
dont you just HATE when that happens! You spend three weeks worrying and attending to it, doing everything right, then they dont hatch
. Well it dosent looked shrink wraped to me....
it ok , you didnt do anything wrong. hope everythings good with the one that hatched
It doesn't look shrinked wrapped to me either. On my first couple of incubation attempts I followed the humidity guide and my chicks were to big to zip and hatch and I lost quite a few. Now I dry incubate and only increase the humidity right at lockdown or sometimes not till the first pip occurs. I'm sorry for your loss
20% is low. try to start at 30 t0 35. when it drys to 25 add a teaspoon or 2 to bring it back up. then lockdown at 70% on the 18th day. sorry,better luck nexttime.
Did you tear the membrane open or was it open? If the chick did that, then it internally pipped way too low in the egg. It should have turned and pipped into the fat end where the aircell was.
that's almost exactly the way my chicks looked when i cracked them open! None Had pipped, or even got into the air sac. I think it was the humidity. I hope you will have a better hatch next time.........
I tore this particular one open...Pookie, my one survivor, is doing very well and will have a couple new buddies soon hopefully. We're unhealthily attached to him/her. I'm going to keep trying and hopefully next time I'll get a much better hatch!

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