Shriveled comb, shivering.


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Aug 9, 2010
For a few weeks now my Jap BTB Cock's comb has been looking sad. I went out tonight to see his comb very shriveled and purple. His is also rather cold and shivering. His feet are very pale...not close to the beautiful yellow they used to be/are supposed to be. What do I do? I have no clue what he has, but I have a feeling that If I don't do something soon I might lose him. HELP!
Not sure what advice I can give as far as a treatment goes, but it does sound like something is going on such as an illness or unseen injury. I always look to facial/comb color when knowing if a chicken is sick/injured. Sometimes their comb/facial coloring is pale red or it can be purple. I have had chickens acting a little off with a purple comb, only to be just fine hours later.

Maybe check him over for an injury, just to be sure. Offer him some water with a little apple cider vinegar (for good measure), yogurt, or scrambled egg. Good luck!
First, have you wormed him recently? If he has parasites, then he isn't getting the nutrition his body needs to keep him warm and he would be getting more and more pale. Do you have any de-wormer?

Search for posts by dawg regarding worming your chickens if you haven't done it recently. He's the guru!

Can you bring him inside or somewhere where he can get warm? The less his body has to fight other things, the better it can fight the problem.

Keep us posted...good luck... and hugs.
I would feel his crop to make sure he isn't crop bound (has grass/long stuff) stuck in his crop. This can lead to sad-looking combs.

I also wouldn't be surprised if it were internal or possibly external parasites. They can really hit hard.

Blackhead is a illness Turkeys are most susceptible too, chickens usually carry it and aren't affected, although I believe I have heard of a case where a chicken contracted blackhead. Although it is 99 chances out of 100 nothing hugely serious that won't go away with a little extra care.

Hope this helped, and best of luck! MW
I don't thinkhe can be crop bound. He is in the coop with strickly food(crumbles) and water. The rest of his family is doing fine and is very happy. I don't have any de-wormer but i will try to get a hold of some.


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