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May 14, 2018
we have a flick of 8- EE, buff orphington, Rhode Island Red,black austerlooes and one other. They are61/2 months old. Coop is 10’ x 11’ with a large attached run. All the girls sleep huddled together on the floor- except for one lonely henthe roosts are 2 x 4’s -flat side up with a ladder to get there. The coop is not heated and I am very worried that the lonely girl will freeze this winter. It was 9 degrees last night here in northern Illinois and we will have many nights below freezing this winter. She eats and drinks normally. Thanks for any advice!


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I would wonder why are all the birds but one sleeping on the floor?
Am guessing that one bird might not be letting the others up there.
It could also be that there's a cold draft up there and the single bird is not allowed to huddle with the others so is 'hiding' up on the roost.
Have they allays slept like this, or is the behavior new?

Sit in the coop for around an hour at roosting time and watch to see what is happening.
Do the floor sleepers ever get up on the roosts....during the day or at roost time?

Your coop sounds spacious, pics of coop (inside and out) might really help here.


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What breed is the problematic hen?
The odd chicken might not be the "problematic" bird. It may be all the others. Kinda. It may be that they just haven't yet learned how to roost. You could encourage the others to roost by waiting till they are settled at night and move them up onto the roosts. Do this till you come out at night and find them already roosted. It should only take a few times. Consistency is key.


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They all should be on the roosts at night.
Move them to the roost each night until They get the idea.
Most chickens instinctivly know its safer to roost as high as they can at night to avoid predtors. Sounds like only one of your birds is in touch with her self preservation and survial instinct.
Sleeping on the floor puts them in contact with poop and bacteria which could lead to worms, mites or lice infestation.

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