1. Scareab

    Pecking order?? Sad chicken??

    *I first want to add a disclaimer. I do not condone chicken fighting of any sort. I love my chickens as pets and would never intentionally put them in harms way.* So today I took out my chickens to wonder outside in my front yard. I stood there watching and went inside to get some treats. My...
  2. BuffBrahmaDramaMomma

    Redd is having trouble laying help

    Redd has been in her coop trying to lay I took her out for playtime and she went right back inside to attempt to lay again She’s tucking a fake egg under her BUT NOT LAYING
  3. centrarchid

    Hen / Pullet Stands Ground Against Sharp-shinned Hawk

    While looking out front door of house I could see a game pullet (~8 months post-hatch) walking slowly with tail erect and head held high. The back part of her hackles stood out a bit as well. She was making vocalizations I could not hear. It was evident she was looking at some sort of bird...
  4. M

    Affectionate Chicken Normal Behavior?

    So I now have a little more than a year under my belt raising chickens. My first year I purchase BSLs and one had one with pasty butt. I spent a great deal of time daily cleaning her vent. The other birds seemed to realize something was wrong with her. As an adult hen that lays beautiful eggs...
  5. Cephalo

    Chicken Training Stories (Intentional or not!)

    Hello! I am planning on getting my first chicks this spring and wondered if the BYC community could share their chicken training stories. What have you trained your chickens to do on purpose? What about accidental habits that you’ve taught them? I know I’ve accidentally trained my dogs all...
  6. Hensley Flock

    Rooster Panic

    I have a rooster, hes about a year and a half old, that was involved in a dog attack on November 1st. His entire back was ripped off and i'm surprised yet grateful he is alive. UNFORTUNATELY, today we let him out into the yard for the first time since and he freaked out and ran to hide. I...
  7. M

    LOUD Chickens

    Anyone know what's up with loud chickens? We have Polish ladies and they're obnoxiously loud during the day. I was losing my mind thinking they were possibly roosters at some point but, they're JUST loud. When I read about it, all there is info on is that it's a behavioral thing that means...
  8. WallyBirdie

    Orloff with Attitude

    My Russian Orloff (affectionately named The Russian) was always a chubby little spitfire. At two and three inches tall, she was the boss of all her flockmates, dominating the brooder and hogging the food. She had this little thing she did, where she'd jump up and use her feet to kick and scratch...
  9. PNWhens

    Do chickens miss each other?

    In a small flock (maybe 4-8 hens), if one were to be lost to a predator or butchered, would the other birds be distressed, mourn, or possibly go cahoots? Thank you in advance for the info! New to chickens, and want to know what to expect if I encounter this and the best way to handle it.
  10. centrarchid

    Following a Free-range Chicken from Roost in Morning to Roost at Night

    This is already getting interesting. My student is being tasked with following a single bird each day recording location, habitat type and activity every 15 minutes. She is learning how to be a field biologist even though will grow up to be a medical doctor. This will give her some cool...
  11. PNWhens

    Chicken Lingo Help!

    New to raising chicks and I would like to know some basic lingo! I keep seeing words like ' crowning' and 'broody' but not sure exactly the meaning and I'm sure there's a lot more I'm going to need to know. Appreciate the shared knowledge!
  12. WallyBirdie

    Young Roo, Big Bully

    I have a young Wyandotte roo (almost 4 months old) who is surprisingly large (I've been told he's a meat bird, but I will not be eating him). Not long ago, he was showing signs of being territorial and possessive of the flock, which was fine until he tried to bite me for refilling their water...
  13. mjvv88

    Strange behaviour of silkies

    Not sure where to ask about my silkies weird behaviour recently. I have 2 silkies, both female, almost a year old. I see when they are in the nesting box, busy laying an egg, they put some of the wood shavings on their back. Looks cute though, not sure if normal. Then the other day, the one ate...
  14. G

    Breed ID? White Mystery Duck mixed breed?

    I adopted my little girls as ducklings from someone who wasn't planning on keeping them long term, & of course she got them from a store and couldn't remember the label or tag. After research, my two females seemed like Pekins, but there are a few confusing differences. They're both almost 7...
  15. KikiDeAnime

    Duck acting weird

    Our young Chocolate indian runner named Duchess has been acting weird for a couple days and I'm not sure why. She currently isn't doing it because she's with our young KC drake. She did do it in the morning. What she's been doing: -Moving her feet on the ground like she's scratching at it...
  16. S

    Lonely Goose

    So, I’ve had an incident where a raccoon got two out of three of my geese, which leaves me with one male. Ever since then, whenever I try to let him out of his cage by the lake side and go back home, he follows me all the way there honking the whole time. He used to do this with his flock as...
  17. 8

    Help, my budgie is bothering my button quail

    I just bought a new female button quail and since she has been in the aviary my female bidgie has been chasing her and and jumping on top of her. My female button quail has also been chasing the male since i got her. I dont know if this is aggressive behaviour, i am actually quite new to this.
  18. D

    Buff orpingron doesn't like husband

    I have 2 bufforpingrons... we got them as eggs and have raised them. The will hopefully begin producing eggs in late September early October. About a month ago, the less dominant hen has begun "bullying" my husband: pecks, charges, growls or yells anytime he is near her-- and no one else. Why...
  19. MrsWayne

    Female v Female Agression Ducks

    A Pekin hen started attacking a Buff hen just in the last day or so. I let my ducks out to the run this morning and almost immediately my hen Henriette attacked the Buff (no name yet). It was that neck wrap behavior with biting the nape. She didn't seem to be trying to mount. I watched for a...
  20. Thechickentrainer1999

    Clear discharge from vent

    Went to check on the hens before bed and noticed one was acting different. She has clear liquid coming from her vent when she jumped on the roost bar some of it dripped below her and the other hens wanted to eat it? Could this be an egg broken inside of her? And if so, what can I do. Please help!
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