Sick 2-year old Hen

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  1. Omelette

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    Jun 29, 2007
    As of 3 days ago, this hen is not thriving:
    Mostly just stands in one place.
    2 days in a row, when picked up and massaged crop area, she threw up. First time food, 2nd time mostly water.
    It feels like there is a huge fluid build-up in her chest area. Not hard at all.
    Her neck is held in a more shortened position (if that makes sense).
    She still hunts and pecks a bit, but seldom and not with her usual vigor.
    Gave her olive oil with a dropper, which she readily accepted. She will even drink it from a bowl.
    I don't see her feeding, drinking or dropping much at all, if any.
    And here's an unusual behaviour -- she keeps kicking her left leg backwards. Not in a usual chicken-stretching-her-leg-behaviour, but a jerky movement backwards.
    She is not limping at all.
    When I pick her up and put her on a table to feed, she plops down somewhat off balance.

    I think she is starving to death. She looks big and feels light when I pick her up.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
    South Georgia
    I have not dealt with this, so I would go the the FAQs page and read up on crop problems.

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