Sick Ameraucana -- Need worming advice!

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    Apr 9, 2012
    I have 6 hens and 1 rooster. They have not been wormed before. Hens have all been laying consistently for a few months. Recently one of my ameraucanas and now my barred rock have stopped laying or have been laying soft shelled eggs. My barred rock isn't acting out of sorts other than being puffed up with a goopy butt the last 24 hrs or so. My ameraucana has been worse. She is droopy, weak, not really interested in food/water. I've been treating her with Vet-Rx (some of her symptoms indicated a cold) and she is quarantined inside my garage with a space heater on her now. Yesterday, I discovered that she shed a long white worm in one of her poops, so I went out and bought Wazine and Safeguard today to worm my flock.

    So, here is the big question I have: I gave the ameraucana Wazine in her water today -- if she doesn't drink enough water to get an effective dose of the Wazine, can I go ahead and give her a pea-sized amount of the safeguard right away? I am desperate for her to feel better and I don't want to risk her getting worse while I wait 10 days after the Wazine to give her a 2nd dose of dewormer.

    I plan on doing the Wazine treatment in the water for the other 6 birds tomorrow and then following up with the Safeguard in 10 days. I'm not AS worried about them at this point, because no one other than the barred rock is really indicating any issue with an infestation. I will be keeping the ameraucana separated until she's vastly improved. Also doing a major chicken coop/run scrub down tomorrow.

    I'd appreciate any/all advice for this situation!! Thanks, folks!

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