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    One of my 2 1/2 yr. old hens , started acting sluggish and started staying to herself. Stopped eating and drinking, and just sat all humped up with her eyes closed. When I went to pick her up she just layed over on her side. All this just started yesterday morning, or thats when I first noticed her not eating, and not running around with the other hens. She is very thin and her breast bone is protruding. Anyone have an idea as to what the cause is. This is the second hen Ive lost like this. It happens so fast, by the time you see something wrong, their all but gone. No lice,mites, and see no worms in her poo.
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    Has she been laying?
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    you don't need to see worms for her to have them - usually, when you do, then it's a huge infestation
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    Her best hope is tube feeding and hydration by a vet (unless you are experienced) and the treatment for worms if he/she feels this is what's going on. May well be, with the weight loss. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. Not a spare moment here.
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    Worms or coccidia. That would be my guess.
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    The losing weight could point to worms, and as jerseygirl said you may not see them in the poo at all. You can take a fecal sample to the vet for a test for a small fee, if you call ahead, and find a vet that does this, if you want to avoid treatment unless it is definitely worms.

    They can also test for coccidiosis (the poo), I have read but don't know for sure.

    I know the literature says they eat more with worms, but in my experience they ate less and the really moribund ones ate none. Worming them made them perk right on up. I mean within two days the flock was back to looking energetic and happy again.

    Worms can take down a flock, for sure.

    But I am really guessing here at what is wrong with your hen, based on what I have seen with my chickens in the past. Some don't like to take chickens to the vet (me here) and would rather just try treating at home.

    But as jjthink said, the vet would be the most helpful way to go, as many have discovered that the diagnosis wasn't what they thought it was, and post on BYC that they are amazed it was another diagnosis.
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    Quote:When was the first time you saw this ?

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