Sick and getting worse


6 Years
Feb 11, 2013
Mason City, Iowa
I currently have a flock of 11 hens and one rooster. While it was very warm for a few weeks the weather has turned cooler the last 3days or so with highs in the 70 and lows in the 40-50's.

Yesterday(Friday) I came home my son had let them out to wander about the yard as we normally do until they go in at night. He noticed the one hen was lethargic and not acting normal. I figured it was just a little off. So I didn't give it much thought.

Today, however, when I went to let them out of the run for the day I noticed that the ill hen seemed to be still on the roost. I noted that it seemed to have yellowish diarehea. She jumped down from the roost and has remained pretty much in the same spot for the past 5-6hrs getting weaker. I checked on here this morning and have ruled out a eggs being stuck.

She is 6 months old and I know that she has been laying along with the rest of the hens. I have not noticed her behavior being unusual until yesterday. So it has been just about 24hrs. She is at the point of not being able to even seat upright. I'm at the point of quarantine in hopes of not spreading whatever she has to the rest of the flock.

Tractor Supply suggested electrolyetes with a dropper but she seems unresponsive.

Any help is appreciated. Not sure the best option is as there are no vets in the area that will tend to chickens and my limited experience with chickens and trying to get her health back. Should I cull her?

Mason City, Iowa
She has since passed in the last hour or so. Just went to check on her again and found her dead about 5 feet from where she spent most of the day.

Yes her crop was ok, and her vent was pulsating. I'm at a loss??
If it was pulsing then she most likely had a broken egg inside if her poo was yellow...

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