sick baby silkie chicks please help


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Sep 15, 2014
I hatch some baby silkies 4 days ago and two of them look sick one of them looks like they wont the chick is slumped over and the other chick is standing around chirping not walking around and all my other chicks are running around and full of life unlike the other two Iis this a general thing with chicks or is this a more serious problem
Any help much appreciated
Thank you chikieluver 26 ill go buy some now and how much do I put in like 5-10mm in a cup of water or more ?
I just brought
spark liquid
sustained release
energy supplement and
electrolytes 20 mm per litre I got them to swallow about 20 drops so hopefully that will start to help them and I left more in ther for them
Both of the chicks I think regurgitated does that mean its getting worse?
im not sure.....maybe just try to leave them for a bit relax, then come back in an hour or so and see how they are doing this may just be a new chick thing that they will grow out of, I have had chicks with seemingly broken legs and wings end up ok when I didn't intervene and stress both myself and the chicks out . you can also always call a hatchery or avian veterinarian(if there is one open) and ask them they will usually help a lot. I wish you the best of luck i hope they make it.
Thanks and yeah ive sepparated the other chicks from them cause how rough they are and thanks ill try and stress a little less and see how they go
Sadly got home this morning and the two little silkies past away :/

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