Sick Bird?


8 Years
Jan 30, 2011
Western Washington (Sultan)
Hello everyone,

I was slaughtering some of my cornish crosses last weekend and came across something really weird. One of the birds insides was full of a slightly yellow looking liquid. I am pretty sure that none of the organs were pierced, it was just surrounding them, filling the cavity. I was a bit freaked out by this so I just buried the bird instead of processing it. Any ideas as to what this might have been? Should I have processed it anyways? Some help would be great!!

The CX's are prone to ascites, a build up of fluid in the body which creates pressure on organs and often causes flip (heart attack). I've never processed my own but I've read on the forum quite often about people discovering this as they process. I believe it's common enough and does not affect the meat quality. Hoping someone with more experience will chime in and confirm my answer though!!
I would really like to know if it effects the meat quality (or if I can even eat the meat at all).... So if anyone knows for sure, I would be grateful... Also, I had a chicken who was still breathing with its head down and on its way ot dying a few days earlier - was this due to this fluid as well probably?


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