Sick bird??


5 Years
Jun 26, 2014
Hello. I am looking for advice as I think one of my birds is sick. I got two birds for free and few months ago and they were laying fine. Suddenly one of the birds stopped laying and started losing her feathers. I read that she was probably molting and didn't worry much. Our other bird started to molt a couple of weeks later. They have now been in molt for months with no eggs. One I looking better and I think she is coming out of the molt but the other looks awful and doesn't seem to be coming out of the molt. She now has diarrhea and the feathers around her vent are all nasty. Other than molting for months and the new nasty but she seems fine. The other bird seems fine, just not laying and our two other birds are fine and laying regular. I'm worried about this hen and want to help her but not sure if I should just cull her from the flock before she makes the others sick. Any ideas on what may be wrong and what I can do. Thanks!

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