Sick Birds, a continuing problem.


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May 5, 2009
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OK I have posted a few times with out a resolution, and I will try to be complete in my story.

So far I have gotten 3 batches of chickens.

April, June, and November.

After about 6-7 weeks, the new birds which seem otherwise healthy start dieing.

There is nothing different about their poop, diet, water, or dwelling. The new birds have been isolated for a month, and seem fine until after they go into the coop.

The coop was built in April.

The Birds go from healthy to seeming week on day one (Still eating). They loose weight and die normally within a few day(2-4). I have wormed, Corrid, and deloused.

The new birds other then sharing the same air, are separated once moved into the main coop.

Of the first group of 30 I lost 4.
Second group of 12, I lost 6.
Third group of 4 lost one, and one is on her way out. These last two have been getting the works from an animal rehabbed as I am at a loss, and it seems she is stunned as well.

I have also talked to three vets who seemed stumped.

Thanks for any ideas.

Any ideas are welcome.
What's the coop made of? Any pressure treated wood? Any cedar? Any adhesives or wood products that off-gas? What are you using for bedding? What is your run like? How's the ventilation?
coop is made out of pine, pine shaving, well vented, minor drafts, good light, no cedar, no pt lumber, no amonia smell in the coop, 500 sq ft dirt run.
Are they vaccinated when you get the chicks? It could be possible that your flock is a carrier and once exposed to them they become ill. I would have a neucropsy(or however you spell it) done on the next one that dies to see if they have been exposed to something.
Also of note, is that once the birds reach about 26 weeks old they seem fine.

If this current hen dies, it will go for a necropsy and testing. The Rehabber did a necropsy on the last to die, and other then a tight crop, it seemed ok.
I'm so sorry.....


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