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15 Years
Mar 19, 2009
Catawba, NC
about a month ago i put a ad to trade one of my goats for a few chickens wanting them for the fresh eggs. not knowing anything about chickens i took the first offer.i had 2 die right away and the rest seem like they have a watery cough sounds like pneumonia i know have 30 eggs in the incubator BLR and golden laced dottes. my first attempt at hatching should i just get rid of the first group of hens before they new hatch or is there something i can do to help them? thanks Madielifarm
Personally, from my experience, Id recommend that you cull them and clean their coop, waterers, feeders, etc., thoroughly with bleach and water. Then allow the coop to sit empty for 3 months while you brood your hatchlings.

Many wont agree with me, and they prefer to treat sick birds, but I only think that is worth while if your birds are extremely valuable or cherished pets that you can keep separate from healthy birds ..... forever.

Many illnesses are chronic and show up whenever the birds are stressed. Other diseases are carried by the birds even after they recover from the symptoms and can be transmitted to any new birds which come in contact with them.


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