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    I have a 1 week old faverolle who is usually very fiesty. Last night I noticed she was sleeping a lot. When I would try to wake her she'd wake a bit, stretch out her neck, her neck would get all wobbly, her wings would go limp, and she'd go right back to sleep. She was still behaving this way this morning, so I put her in her own little box with food and water. She's been sleeping most of the day, and still does the strange neck wobble. I have been waking her periodically to drink, which she does. She will eat during these times. I few times I thought she was perking up because she'd stratch around the box a bit, but then it was back to sleep. What's wrong with her? All of my other chicks are still eating, drinking, and behaving like cute little chicks. I'm so worried about her!!

    Thanks for your help!
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    Have you felt of her crop? Feel it gently so that you don't push the contents up and cause aspiration. Monitor the crop tonight and in the morning to see if it empties over night. Please give vitamins & electrolytes in the water or AviaCharge 2000 (you can have Murray McMurray or Strombergs overnight this to you). If neither are available right now, dilute one part Pedialyte with one part water. If no Pedialyte, one part Gatorade and one part water. It's very easy for these little one's to get their electrolytes out of balance. First, however, the baby is one week old, so she should be kept at a temp of about 90 degrees. The temp is first, the electrolytes second. Then some cooked, mashed egg yolk, if she'll take it. You have to act now if you're going to save her. Good luck! My prayers are with you. And I'm PMing you.
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    if you can't get to a farm/feed store to get chick vitamins..give Poly-vi-sol liquid baby vitamins (preferably Enfamil brand, no iron)..they are avaialble at any pharmacy, and some grocery stores..
    give 2 drops on beak for a week or so, then taper off..
    in the meantime get some chick vitamins.
    make sure the chick is kept at the right temp..
    and is kept hydrated..
    also give the electrolytes as suggested, and egg..

    please describe the droppings..color and consistency
    what are you feeding?
    what bedding are you using?

    important to check the crop..
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    This morning the right side of her chest is sticking out (I'm assuming that's her crop). I've gotten her to drink, but both times she'll throw up mucus before she'll drink. Could someting be stuck in her crop? I haven't seen her eat yet today, but she was last night. Poo is her normal green and white. I'm getting so frustrated. I feel so horrible for her.

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    Quote:You could try getting some cooking oil into her. If it is somehting stuck in her crop the oil may lubricate it and help it pass through. You can also gently massage the crop.
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    Thank you very much! I'll try that. I did massage her crop a bit this morning. On the bright side she is eating and drinking.

    I think what is concerning me most still is how she'll stretch out her neck as far as she can, then her neck will almost spasm. She's so lonely without her buddies ( I have her isolated), but I don't want to put her back with them if she's sick.

  7. When my chick was lonely, folks here suggested a mirror and a featherduster or stuffed animal. Fortunately, it wasn't a germ issue so I was able to just put her brooder where she could see the others and she calmed down quickly.

    Good luck with your sick chick!
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    Other than throwing up some mucus this morning, her only other strange symptom is the neck spasms she keeps having. I'm not sure if she's has something that she can pass on to the other chicks or if it's another issue. I'd love to be able to return her to her flock. Any thoughts?

    Thank you to everyone for your help and advice!
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    I agree with the feather a nice clean one from the store and sit it in by her...I did that with one of mine and she cuddles right up to it and went to sleep.
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    OK, if the crop is hard and sticking out, it is most likely emptying slowly or not at all. Give her a little olive oil, You can either drizzle it along the beak or soak a small bit of bread in it until its really soggy. After you give the oil, gently massage the crop, but never push up on it because you could push the contents up and cause her to breathe it in - aspiration. If your baby has eaten some wood shavings, they could be too large to pass, or they may be small enough to pass through with the oil and very gentle massage. A chick with a slow crop has malabsorption problems and needs nutritional supplementation like the AviaCharge 2000 ASAP. Put her on a thick bed of paper towels instead of shavings, and remove food for the night to see if the crop will empty by morning. I had to administer oil and massage to my chick for a while until her crop began to function normally. The problem here is that if the crop does not empty or empties too slowly, she's not receiving nutrients. Please get the AC2000. Once again, I really recommend PMing dlhunicorn. After checking with her, I'd consider giving her a buddy to snuggle. I'm thinking she just has a crop problem she needs to work through, not a contagious disease. But we need a pro to weigh in on that.
    Good Luck!!! [​IMG]

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