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    I have a chick that is 5 weeks old. 2 days ago her face was swollen. She then started sneezing yesterday and became lethargic. I have isolated her from the flock and started her on Tylan 50 injections. Today her face is no longer swollen but she is still lethargic, puffed up and has green poop. Any ideas as to what I am trying to fight? She is eating and drinking.
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    Can you post photos or a video of her actions?
    How warm are you keeping her?
    Where are you keeping her?
    Any other symptoms - discharge/mucous from the eyes or nostrils?

    Try to get her hydrated, offer some poultry vitamins in her water if you have them. Hydration first, eating second - once she is hydrated offer some wet chick starter.

    There is no way to know what respiratory illness she may have without testing, there are several that have similar symptoms.

    Lethargy, being puffed up and not eating/drinking she may have Cocci in addition to a respiratory illness. You may want to treat her with Corid as well.

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