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6 Years
Apr 17, 2013

Looks like I have a sick chick. I bought a few chicks and this one keep chirping loudly. Looks like it is sick.
Chick is not eating nor drinking. Chick is walking around and sleeping under the heat lamp. I have noticed hard poop on the foot. I washed it off. The chick seems to tender the foot. Think that might be the problem. ???

This is what I have done:
  • Took a syringe with sugar water a dab the side of the peak and the chick drank. (It stop the chirp for a while).
  • Cleaned the foot with warm water. (it does have a dark spot on the foot) - I don't see anything leaking, no open soar, just a dark spot. I check this morning and saw that there was pine chips, poop on the same foot. did the same thing. wash and cleaned.
  • Heat lamp temp correct
  • Water fresh and clean
  • Starter chick food non medicated.

Look like the chick is getting weaker. I'm think it will pass away.

Any ideas to save it!
Also any comments: Maybe a disease, could this infect my other chicks?
Sometimes you get a chick like that. I have had a couple that would chirp continually. One chirped for a while and then just fell over dead. The other lived for weeks and I tried to do a lot of different things for it but in the end it died, too. You are making an effort to help the chick and maybe it will be ok but I think sometimes there may be defects which are not visible and we can't do anything about. Hope it works out well for you and the chick.
its probably not disease, your doing a good job so far. add 1 tablespoon sugar, or unpasteurized apple cider vinegar per quart of water and give it. this helps sometimes.

as a rule of thumb if you raise 8 out of 10 chicks your doing a good job, so don't get discouraged.

I see so many people using non medicated starter, as a rule of thumb its better to use the medicated starter. it allows small illness to go though your chicks and allows them to build a natural immunity. the dosage of medicine is pretty low, by far less than if you get a sick bird and try to medicate it later. also the medication will be long out of their system before any eggs or meat is consumed.
if you are listing your chicks as certified organic however, I don't think you can use the medicated starter. if this is the case I would mix small amounts of acv in the water once a week.

hope this helps,
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Thank you for the comments! Unfortunately the Chick died last night! Sometimes nature has to take it course. When I purchased it must have been sick already. All the other chicks are doing well.

Thanks Again
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