Sick Chick or Normal/Temporary Behavior

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    Apr 14, 2016
    We have a batch of chicks here and have unfortunately lost a few due to unknown circumstances. They appeared sick in some way. They are all about two weeks old and I am now noticing one of the buff chicks ins't doing as well. She isn't as active as the others, though i believe i have seen her eat and drink a bit. She has moments of some activity but mostly just kinda stands around like she's half asleep. We noticed at least one of her droppings was kinda loose and just about the same color as her golden buff feathers. I don't know if this is a constant thing cause she's with 20 other chicks so its hard to track poop. Her bottom feels different than the others too, almost as if its full or swollen or something.

    Any ideas on causes or potential fixes. (I tried yogurt but she didn't eat and the others just packed the yogurt with shavings instead of eating it all.)

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