Sick Chick???


5 Years
Mar 9, 2018
I have two chicks. I have noticed, since last night, that one keeps sitting on her stomach with her legs and feet along her sides. She will get up and look normal if I or the other chick go to her but otherwise keeps going back to the corner and getting back into this position. Last night it seemed her breathing was also labored. I am worried. I will be looking for a vet to take her to. I don't think there will be any that see farm animals where I live though. Does anyone know what this could mean?
Welcome to BYC. How old is she, can she walk with her legs together, and can you try giving her some poultry vitamins with electrolytes, such as Poultry Cell or NutriDrench 1 ml daily by mouth? It almost sounds like she is either going downhill, or she might just have splay legs.

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