Sick Chick


10 Years
Mar 20, 2009
Hi All,
Had one of our 4-H poultry kids email me the following. No one recognized symptoms so looking for help--

I now have 8 White-crested Black Polish chicks that are about a week old. One of them, who I am pretty sure is a male, is limping around on one foot. He eats and drinks and tries to keep up with the others, but he's a little slow. Today I noticed small tumor-like bumps on the backs of his shanks/knees. None of the other chicks have these bumps. His leg stretches out to the side all the time when he walks, so he's always wobbly. The bumps are on both legs but seem to be affecting only the right leg. What could this be? Is it treatable? Will he be okay? Is it contagious? Please help!

Thanks for any help given


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