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    Jan 21, 2009
    one of my 22 day old cornish X has been going downhill for several days,I noticed it seemed to be breathing a bit harder then the rest then it started getting weaker,its eyes are clear,nothing around its beak,stool looks normal,it stands with its head down,feathers ruffled,with its eyes closed,no pasty butt,I haven,t been doing anything different,same feed,same water,bedding clean and dry,I can,t find signs of anything,it still eats a bit and drinks,,,I don,t know what else to look for or what to do,,any advise would be appreciated,,mxpres
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    There are a lot of mysterious things that can affect regular chicks, must be even more that can affect a Cornish X. Some chicks are more vulnerable to ailments, some don't have the genetic makeup for optimal health & vitality.

    You can try to coax this one's appetite with hard-boiled egg, build it up with some baby liquid vitamins like Poly-Vi-Sol without iron, add some ACV or chicken vitamin/electrolyte powder.

    Maybe you should isolate this one in case what he has is contagious. As long as he doesn't seem miserable, give him a chance to shake this off.

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