Sick Chick?


8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
NW Missouri
I have this little "bantam chick" that looks younger than my other bantams but is bigger? probably not really a bantam but not the point lol

It is getting attacked by the others and getting feathers plucked but it seems to be lethargic kinda, it sleeps quite a bit but its eating and drinking fine, no bloody fecal matter, no diarrhea or anything else weird. It sleeps quite a bit, I find it all sprawled out on the floor of the cage that I have him in for isolation with another chick that also has been getting plucked. I thought maybe coccidia since I recently lost a chick after it was lethargic but it had droopy wings and a weird posture and diarrhea and this one has none of that, is still eating fine, drinking fine, peeps all the dang time and jumps right up from its naps when you make noise.

Hmmm, do you guys think it might be coccidia?

Any ideas guys and gals?

Still no bloody feces or any other really bad signs, its feathers are still growing back slowly. It does "peep" all the time and it continues to sleep quite a bit, it sleeps standing up and laying around so not sure.

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