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    I need some help...I have a chick less than 1 week old (Silver Spangled Hamburg) that just does not seem like it is growing at the rate of the other chicks...I have seen her eat and drink and run around the brooder, but it does spend some time under the heat lamp...

    I was thinking about adding some sugar, I do not have electrolytes and will not beable to get some till Friday.

    any thoughts would be great



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    Sugar breaks down immune systems. And honey these days really isn't "real" unless it says raw, natural and unfiltered. It's honey flavored syrup water.
    I would advise cooked egg yolks. If you think it needs something extra. - they can't hurt yur other chicks either.
    If it is eating, drinking and the stools are normal it could just be a smaller chick. Like people - birds come in different sizes. You may have gotten a runt! ...and if it's smaller it may just require a bit more heat to keep warm. [​IMG]
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