Sick chick


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7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
We have a four week old baby welsummer, she is laying down, not being active and breathing hard with her mouth open, just doesn't seem to be well. Is there any suggestions as to what's wrong and what to do?
I'm sorry no one replied.  If it was July, I would have said heat stroke.
I am assuming that either the chick got better, or it passed.
I hope it was the happier!

Kimadoodle I agree with this, especially the last part! <3 but if it is still alive, to ensure that it doesn't happen again, obviously give it lots of water during the summer and spring! Water should always be available to baby chickens(throughout all seasons!!) :)
Thank you both, unfortunately she didn't make it. So far, the other five of the bunch seem ok, still not sure what happened to her, was very sudden.
Oh nooo!!
:'( well atleast the rest are ok

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