sick chick.


6 Years
Jun 6, 2013
So my RIR started acting funny yesterday. Kinda not moving much, but some. She's eating. I have her yogurt and honey water. When she walks her wings are droopy and her legs seem tired (if that makes sense? ) She's about 18 wks so maybe she's getting ready to lay? Please help!
Wow, could be a lot of different illnesses as many of them (not all but seems like most) cause lethargy. It's not because she's at the point of lay, however. Anything different about her poo? This is one helpful way to tell one illness from another. Any other symptoms (sneezing, gaping, lameness)? Is she eating normally and drinking normally or is she only eating special things that either she really likes and/or that you give her special. Did you check her for parasites of all kinds?

If her poo is not normal, try to match what you see to something on this page.!250&app=Word&authkey=!AAOQW5GvPFg0J30

When I've got a sick chicken, I write down where they are on the roost at night once their set and not likely to move / switch places. I have a tray under them so I can tell who's poo is who's when I clean in the morning. I have The Chicken Health Handbook too, so I can use this poo plus the other symptoms to diagnose the illness and then I can treat it or let it run it's course, depending on what it is.

Hope this helps,
When they are lethargic, I would always suspect coccidiosis, although most chickens become immune to the strains on their own property by 10-12 weeks. However new strains can be brought in by new birds, on tires, and shoes, etc, and new birds to your property can get it. Symptoms besides lethargy are diarrhea, not always blood in the stools. Worms, lice, and mites need to be ruled out. Check the crop in the morning to make sure it is empty and she is not suffering from impacted or sour crop.
I believe it's merricks. Took her to the vet. I'm keeping her in my home, comfortable and warm. She's eating and drinking well. She's so sweet. My vet said give her another week. And that my other birds may get it. Can I still eat their eggs? Should I start over with my flock? So sad. I already lost 4 to coccii. Ugh!
Thank you! I've googled My little heart out. I'm sure it's merricks. Yes she has paralysis. She stands very rarely which gives me hope. The vet said she has a 15% chance. She's eating and drinking, has color I'm her face, poop is normal to. Agree just can't really walk or when she does she steps on her wings. I'm keeping her close in my house and just keeping her comfortable. If she's not better in a week I'll bring her back to be humanly euthanized. Even though She's in no pain I don't think it's right to keep her that way. I'm really upset about it. She's such a sweetheart.

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