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    I am new to having chickens, just got my flock on Dec 2, 2013. So can use some help. I have a chick that has had a head cold for several weeks. I've tried, vinegar in the water, vetRX in different methods. Nothing has helped. He is nearly four months old and is half the size of his siblings. He eats really wel when he can see. i keep him separate from the flock in his own cage. He gets cooked oats, boiled egg, cooked veggies and corn bread in a mash plus crumbles. But he is congested and sneezes, plus clear mucus from the beak. Also I have to gently wash his eyes because they get sealed shut over night. this little guy is a mess but I've gotten attached to him from taking so close care of him. Anyway I hope I coved what I have done and would be so grateful for any suggestions. I've thought about antibiotics but only have clinimycin for my cats and I don't know if it's ok for birds and whether it targets respiratory problems. Thanks for your support this site has been LOTS of help getting us started with our feathered family. Magpie
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    There are no colds in chickens...only diseases.

    From what I have read on BYC, I would venture a guess maybe mycoplasma gallisepticum (chronic respiratory disease). But there are other diseases:
    diagnosis charts at bottom

    Look up mycoplasma for sure on BYC to check it out. Look up Tylan and Denaguard. If you give the antibiotics it won't cure it but it may help the symptoms. When they are stressed it can flare up again. If it is mycoplasma it is very contagious to other chickens and can pass from mama hen to chick thru the egg.

    I believe vets have a blood test for MG - I have read this.

    If you need to know for sure a necropsy can be done if you lose any and want to send them off (contact state vet or county extension agent). Only can be done on a deceased bird.

    I hope this helps.

    (Many chicken keepers will not treat respiratory ailments- only cull (kill) them. I have to say that it is what I recommend for respiratory diseases. But there are some who keep a closed flock and choose to treat them).)
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    Thank you for your reply. This is so sad. This little guy was a first hatch. The person I got our birds from let the hens brood and hatch the chicks in November. Then we got the whole group: 12 hens we think are a variety of sex link maybe red, 2 seabrites, 2 catalanas and a golden roo, plus 8 peepers. Anyway it got very cold (in southeast Texas) and we had heat on but not enough, we lost four of the chicks, three are growing up just fine and are in the flock. Then there's my last sickly, he's been in the house away from the others, so only sick bird thank goodness. I'll try a little longer to get him better, he's so active and eats like a horse, just don't have the heart to give up on him yet. Again thanks, we will keep learning.
    Oh, if I want to post pics of my birds to help verify what they are, how do I do that? Magpie
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    One thing I would suggest - make sure the treats are only 10% of his diet (or even less). Proper diet goes a long way in reducing stress.......
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    I would skip all the non-medical items that are not known to kill bacteria, and get some Tylan for a respiratory problem.
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    You are welcome!

    To post pics asking about your chickens I would go here:
    click on start a new thread on top left

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