Sick chicken! 3yr old


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5 Years
Apr 22, 2014
I just noticed one of my hens is pretty lethargic today. My husband said he had noticed her the past few days. She has runny poop some green. She is pecking around in the yard but sits frequently. Droopy comb and eyes stay half shut or fully shut. She acts pretty tired. I can't catch her actually pooping i can just tell from her rear. I have looked at poop In the yard and no sign of worms.

Glad you joined us.

So sorry about your hen, I suggest you post in the emergency section ASAP. I hope she make a full recovery.
So sorry about your sick hen, please do post this under emergencies with as much detail as you can and hopefully some one with experience can offer advice.

Glad you have joined us, sorry I cannot help but wish her a recovery.
Too bad your husband didn't tell you when he first noticed. It could make a big difference in outcome of the hen's situation. I hope the ER folks will be able to tell you how to save her.
She's still pretty much the same! We will probably put her down this afternoon. She has lost a good bit of weight because she doesn't eat or drink very much! I have wormed the rest of my flock and cleaned the coop and dusted my remaining hens. I separated the ducks and still have my 15 chicks in a brooder. We will see. Other than some runny poo from feeding off seed heads every afternoon, they are doing great!

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