Sick chicken- EGGzasted me


May 25, 2015
balsam lake, wisconsin
Hi all-

4th of July weekend one of my girls died. The next day another looked sick.
I treated for respiratory per the vet.
Discovered I was dealing with sour crop and impacted crop.
For weeks I vomited those needing it, syringe fed, gave yogurt, probiotics, monitored, checked all poops, massaged, hugged, kissed, etc.
Better but still sickish. So I treated for coccidiosis.
I have 11 girls.
The egg production increased until I got 11 eggs again!! YUS!!!
They all perked up, clucked again, no longer acted depressed, poops pretty much all seemed normal.
My world was right again.
Their combs and faces still seem pale but otherwise all seem happy!
BUT dun dun dun...4 days ago one of my girls started acting depressed, comb paled and drooped, stools became liquid and mucousy, slightly hump-backed. She still eats and drinks. She still leaves the roost, she still free-ranges. BUT she mostly just lays around. She is the first to roost and the last to leave the roost. She won't climb the roost, but lays under it and lets the other girls poop on her. Tonight she didn't even have the desire to climb the roost and instead just lay down in the corner of the coop.
I've been syringing probiotics, water, and yogurt into her. I've been butt-bathing her. Tonight I isolated her after a syringing of water. She still tries to get away from me but seems to run out of energy very quickly and has to sit down.

They are 15 months old. I've never dewormed. It is the only other thing I can think of. There is no evidence of worms anywhere. Or coccidiosis. Another dose of Corid? What? I know dewormer is hard on them and renders the eggs inedible. I don't like the idea of it, but I just don't know what to do.

They do not have lice or mites or other external parasites. I have not changed their food or anything. Their coop is cleaned daily and well-ventilated.

I do not like that she is suffering, I do not want to lose another chicken girl, I am tired, and feeling somewhat helpless.

Please- can anyone help?

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