Sick Chicken, Green Stools


In the Brooder
6 Years
May 2, 2013
I have a sick chicken who is two years old, noticed she wasn't well yesterday. She will walk but she's unsteady, puts a wing out to steady herself while walking. Pale comb, wattle, and around eyes. She had diarrhea. She seems "fluffed" but her feathers are all laying down.
I syringed her some electrolyte water, separated her from the other chickens, started her on medicated crumbles, and started Corid.
My husband has been handling her as I am almost eight months pregnant. I checked on her just a bit ago and noticed she is still laying in the same spot. Her color is coming back slightly. However she is continuing to have diarrhea, I noticed it is white with green. Should we continue the Corid since she seems to be improving? What could be wrong with her?

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