sick chicken- pale, flopped comb,hasn't pooped!help!

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    May 18, 2008
    i have a chicken of indeterminate age because i got her as an adult. she is not well. initially i thought it was just the heat (its been in the hundreds the last few days, much cooler today)she is lethargic, her comb is flopped over and area around her face are pale, not interested in foraging . her eyes are clear but seem funny(i know- not very descriptive- but hard to explain)i've got her separated now to check her poop ect. have given electrolytes and teramycyn in her water about an hour ago. any ideas would really help!
    NEW INFO: it's been almost 5 hours since i caged her and she hasn't pooped... this has got to be bad right? there are no parasites that i can see- she did have some poop congealed beneath her vent so i cleaned that off- not much interest in drinking or eating though i did give her some grated apple and she ate there anyone out there that can help???
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