Sick chicken - please help diagnose

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    Jun 10, 2008
    We have 6 x 3 month old chickens. 3 RI Reds & 3 Buff Orps

    One of the Buffs has the following symptoms
    Bulging eyes
    Slightly cloudy pupils
    Very red head compared to the other buffs
    Slightly spaced out at times, has been known to run in to things.
    Lighter and less strong than the others. Although all the buff are smaller than the RI Reds.
    Does not seem to eat as much but certainly eats.
    I havent been able to track down a poop sample from her specifically but there's definitely no blood from any of them and only a few semi runny ones to be found.

    The six birds went through 20lb of medicated before starting them on normal feed. I dont recall what age that was.
    They're let out during the day and enjoy pecking around the lawns & beds.
    Their coop is dry & lined with fresh chips I made myself when clearing some land.. I wouldnt call it super 'clean'. I've cleaned it out a few times but have to confess I now fear I should have done a better job.

    So, I cant match the symptoms to anything I've found online. We're now mixing Sulmet with their water hoping this is a simple bacterial infection. But we'd dearly love to find out what this is so we can remedy the cause and get her back up to health

    Thanks in advance - pauric
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