Sick Chicken. Please Help


10 Years
Jul 27, 2009
Eastern Shore, VA
PLEASE HELP! I have a adult Red Star chicken (not sure of age, was rescued from horrible life last year) she is laying eggs though. I Everyone was fine yesterday and this morning. I went out after work to give them some treats and collect the eggs and she was over in the corner just standing there. I have not seen anything like this but her vent looked swollen and so I brought her into the garage and put her in a cleaned out cage, gave her food and water and felt around the vent and it was hard but I could not see anything protruding out so I left her alone and just went back out there and she laid her egg and the vent still looks puffy and swollen. the egg was not abnormally big, just average sized as normal. I took a picture and hope I can do it properly so you can see.

I do not know how to post a picture on here, I have taken a picture but cant figure out how to post it.

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