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Mar 25, 2015
I have a three year old hen that hasn't been herself for a couple of days. Last night I noticed her laying in the nesting box when all the other girls were out free ranging. She had layed her egg earlier that morning, so I thought it was strange. She really didn't want to move, but I picked her up and put her by the water. She took one drink then went back in and layed back down. I went to check on her again later when all the other girls were roosting. She was still laying in the nesting box. I picked her up again, and checked her over. I can't tell if her crop is full or not, becuase I've never felt a crop before. I'll have to check out one of the other girls in the morning to compare. She did lay an egg that day, so I thought it probably wasn't that end of her. I massaged her crop for a while and she jumped up and squeezed in to roost with the other girls. This morning, she didn't have much interest in food and again laid in the nesting box all day. I let the girls out to free range again, and she didn't budge. I picked her up and put her by the water and she got her feathers all ruffled and made herself as big as possible. She came out and took a giant poo that looked fairly normal. She didn't drink anything, but ate a little grass all the while clucking to herself quietly. She repeatedly wiped her beak on the grass and dirt and ruffled her feathers up and flapped her wings. This is not normal behavior for her. I'm not sure whether or not she laid an egg today. I got four eggs from my five girls, and that's pretty normal. I don't think she's broody only because in three years she never has been and she's not at all aggressive when I move her off the nest. Any ideas? Sorry for the long post.
I agree with Wyorp - seems like typical broody behaviour. If you do not intend to put fertile eggs under her then you may wish to break her broodiness - type "broody buster" in the search box.


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