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    :hugs I'm sorry for your loss.
    Even though it's sad, it's good that you were able to have a necropsy to find out more information and know there was nothing more that you could have done and this gave you some closure. You are lucky you found a caring vet that is wanting to learn.
    A lot of us do our own informal necropsies, it is a learning experience each time.
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    I'm so glad you had closure and know in your heart that you gave Biscuit the last loving gift that you could give her....release from her pain.

    Blessings to you and your vet.
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    Very sorry for your loss, but glad that you had a very good vet who helped save Bisquit from suffering. There can be several types of cancer in chickens, including viruses (Mareks or Leukosis,) but there is also adenocarcinoma and others.
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    I am hoping that my other girls stay healthy. :fl I only have 4 left. Mareks does scare me but I checked with the farm we got them from and they said yes they vaccinate but I know that’s never 100%. I think now I’m gonna be overprotective with my others. I only get one egg a day so it’s a good thing that I love them. They are pretty worthless when it comes to “making my breakfast”.:rolleyes:

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