Sick chicken

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8 Years
Jan 9, 2012
I have a 1 year old red sex link that has a slightly swollen face, no sign of a cough or mucus, her butt feathers are a little dirty and her comb is unhealthy looking and slightly greyish, however she is walking around eating and acting otherwise normal. I have had three hens from this same bunch die over the last 6 months, although none of the other hens had a swollen face they just puffed up their feathers and acted as if they weren't feeling well. The first one acted this way off and on for several months, the next one only for a day or two and they next one for a couple weeks. This one that has the puffy face has been this way for at least two weeks. All the others (7 of them) seem fine, combs look healthy and at least 6 of them are laying good. I have had the occasional blood spotted egg and the occasional wrinkled egg. I have also come across some with no shell or soft shells and one with a tail (wierdest thing I have ever seen). I got these birds from a neighbor who got them from a hatchery that I do not know anything about, but it must be some mass production type place because they clipped their beaks. ok so I know that's a lot of information but wanted to give as much as I could to see what you guys think. I am attaching a picture of her from when I first noticed her swollen face however you can't really see anything and a picture of the egg with a tail (don't know if this has anything to do with anything but thought I would share anyway).

hate to say it but production breeds do not have very long lifespans. they lay themselves to death... have heart failure and ovarian cancer and many other issues. It sounds like the reproductive system is worn out and the bird is also worn out.... you can try to force it to stop laying by keeping it in a dark area for a week or so with good layer feed. Chickens are very tough and will bluff illnesses until the last minute when anything is too late to fix. You can try giving it a bath with dog shampoo that kills lice/ticks to make sure its not itchy and miserable in that way. and then set it in darkness to trigger it to stop egg laying.
OMG! I have never seen anything like that before. Her feathers look like she's in a molt, good luck with her.

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