Sick Chicken?


9 Years
Nov 21, 2010
I have a chicken that has suddenly come down sick? My other hen is fine. The sick chicken layed an egg yesterday but I noticed that she seems lethargic and back tail is droopy. She walks some but is mostly laying down. When she stands she lifts her rt foot but I checked it an it seems not hurt or cut or anything. Both hens are fed equal amounts of scratch & laymash & given oyster shell. Her bottom shows white on her feathers. I have inquired on taking her into a vet but hoping I can get input from this forum as the vet bill will be considerable cost & might lose her anyway. Could it be their diet? Could sh be egg bound even though she passed an egg yesterday?
The description of symptoms is vague, but you should look up "vent gleet". This is somewhat common and from my understanding is similar to a human having a yeast infection. A remedy for this I have heard of is soaking the hen (up to her vent/bum) in warm water and epsom salt. This can be done daily until the problem resolves.

Tell more about the hen's poops. Are they watery, an odd color, etc.
here is a link that may help when it comes to identifying problems through poos:

ETA: I have always thought of scratch as a cold weather treat to keep them moving and warm. Hence the name "scratch" because you throw it on the ground for them to scratch around at. Layer pellets/crumbles are their "well-rounded" diet that they really need. Even low quality layer feeds may require supplements for a truly healthy flock. By feeding 50/50 scratch and feed, you are basically diluting the vitamins and nutrients they really need by half.
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Thanks for your reply & info. I will look into the pellets. I have soaked her the last 2 days & she looks somewhat better. Her back tail feathers are not droopy but she hasn't passed an egg in the last few days.

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