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    Mar 24, 2015

    I have 3 chicken 20 months old. Freda the bossy one appears to be sick. She is usually the first for food etc but is not interested in food, is standing with her neck in her shoulders and starring. 3 days ago she was like this and we bathed her in warm water and dried her, yesterday she was her old self today she was last out of the nesting box, and then went back in and is laying down.

    I have bathed her in Epsom salts and dried her tried tempting her with mealworm which she will not eat. Her belly is very red, her poop was runny and green this morning but after bathing it was white and frothy. She does not feel hard round her vent and although she looks very fluffy she appears to have lost weight. She laid normally on Friday, nothing Saturday and Sunday she passed what looked like white of an egg, today there was yellow on the floor like yolk. The other 2 chickens are both eating and laying

    Any ideas what is wrong and what I can treat her with??



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