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    So for 2 1/2 years I've had a flock of chickens. I got them when they were about 6 months old. Shortly after I got them I treated them for what I thought was Infectous Coryza. They had all the symptoms. I knew they would be carriers for life and I would have to keep a closed flock. I only had to treat them the one time for the symptoms and they've been fine ever since. Well about a month ago I had five chickens that became ill, over a couple week time period. They all died. The last bird was sent for sacrifice and necropsy to find out what was killing them. It was (is) Mycoplasma MG/MS. This could have been mistaken a couple years ago for Infectous Coryza from what I'm reading. Also from what I'm reading this is a pretty contagious bacterial infection. It can live in your nostrils for a day and in your clothing and your hair for up to three days!

    I have three chickens left that are probably positive for this as well.

    I always wash my hands after being outside with the chickens. I don't pick them up anymore [​IMG] I don't wear the same shoes in the house that I wear in the chicken area. I guess I do engage in a light form of bio security.

    I have two conures that I adore. Can this mycoplasma be passed on to them? What are the chances? I would be devastated if anything happened to my parrots. I have always been very careful and mindful about cross contamination from anything chicken related being brought indoors to the parrots.

    Like I said, mycoplasma may have been what was wrong with them from the beginning and all along I've spent time around my chickens without my parrots getting sick. This also could be a new diagnosis and I could be exposing my indoor birds to what the outdoor birds have and it could potentially kill them.

    The chickens are my pets but they do not come close to meaning as much to me as my conures do. Should I cut my losses? The three chickens that I have left are fine and are not showing any signs of distress. BUT they are probably positive for this infection.

    Does anybody out there know if this can be passed from chicken to parrot?

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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    A Google search indicates that psittacine birds are susceptible to Mycoplasma G.

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