Sick chickens please help!

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    Apr 15, 2012
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    I have a small group of BLRW that are about 3 months old now. Ive lost 2 in the last week and one prior. Most of the birds seem very thin even the ones that seem active at this point.. A couple in the group of ten seem to have grown fine but the rest dont seem to be growing and are a rack of bones.. They eat n drink like the others... Then they get less active, droopy winged, quiet, lethargic, have the runs and die... What is wrong with them? Ive been treating for cocsidiossis (spelling?) thinking that was the problem but they dont seem to be improving.. They have been struggling for quiet awhile with being thin.. They have food in front of them all the time (grower) they also go out and free range daily.. I added pro biotics and electrolites a few days ago... Ive wormed and deloused also...
    Any tips, guesses on what the problem could be etc?
    Thanks so much
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    Are they wormed and lice and mite free? If you've treated for coccidiosis without results, you may want to try a general antibiotic in the water. Like LS-50. Or Tylan. Did you hatch them all or get them all from a hatchery as day olds? If not, have you thought about Marek's? It's not the only illness out there, but it's all I can think of.
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    What worming treatment did you give? I was shocked to learn that the one wormer sold in the poultry section (Wazine) is only for roundworms. If they have hookworm or gapeworm or tapeworm, it won't touch any of those.

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